Farming for Our Future

The Deal Farm Biogas project represents years of work to deliver one of the most advanced and flexible renewable biogas production projects in the UK.  The project has been designed to provide a unique opportunity for the production of biogas derived from traditional South Norfolk farming feedstocks (a mix of livestock manure, straw and arable crops) – while supporting local farmers and meeting local, national and worldwide goals of decarbonisation, renewable energy production and safeguarding delicate ecologies.

Over the years, Deal Farm has changed to move with the latest UK legislation and improvements in biogas technology, making way for an innovative plant which will provide sustainable energy in the form of biomethane into the local gas network, CO2 capture for clean/ green CO2 production (think of the fizz in your drinks) and a source of organic fertiliser to replace imported chemicals. The AD plant has the potential to produce enough renewable gas to heat 4,000 homes a year – as well as removing 2,000 cars off the road each year in carbon savings.

Biogas is a well-established renewable energy sector in the UK, with more than 600 (AD) plants currently active across the country. Of these, 75% are located in agricultural areas, as they depend on agricultural waste to generate biogas. The Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is aiming to treble the amount of biomethane in the national grid by 2030 to support ambitions around Net Zero, and the delivery of an AD plant in South Norfolk will unlock biogas potential in the local area whilst supporting wider Government goals. Read more about our plans.

Fundamentally, agricultural AD plants in Britain will help to future-proof the farming industry, whilst generating essential sustainable energy to support decarbonisation efforts.


Farming for our future

Decarbonising Farming

Agriculture contributes excessively to global carbon emissions. In fact, agriculture is solely responsible for a huge 18.4% of global carbon emissions. As we navigate the climate crisis and adapt to the significant changes needed to combat negative environmental impacts, it is absolutely critical that the world’s biggest polluters are playing their part in decarbonising. Indeed, if the agriculture sector does not act now to tackle its emissions, the viability of the farming industry is at risk.

3250 Homes

Powered by 100% renewal gas produced by Deal Farm


liquid tonnes of CO2 captured by Deal Farm, that’s over 13,800,000 road miles!


New hedgerow to be planted as habitat for the landscape scheme


Completion date of AD plant at Deal Farm

Image of the roof being installed on the AD tanks. November 2021


Stay Up To Date With Deal Farm Biogas

Work Paused 19.11.2021

Construction at the Deal Farm plant has been paused as of the 19th of November, while the project team…

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Planning Update 11.11.2021

For reasons of public interest, and in agreement with the Local Planning Authority, the decision was made on 11th…

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